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Pedestrian Killed in Kirkwood Train Accident


A train accident early Friday morning resulted in the death of a pedestrian in Kirkwood, Missouri. The freight train struck the 21-year-old male pedestrian near South Geyer Road at approximately 5:20 a.m. Police responded to the scene after receiving a call reporting the accident from the train’s engineer. Tragically, upon arrival, they discovered the pedestrian’s lifeless body and he was pronounced dead. The authorities have not given details regarding the accident and an investigation is being conducted.

Train accidents are typically serious resulting in fatalities. Derailments and collisions with vehicles and pedestrians are the most common examples of train accidents. Train accidents that are derailments can be catastrophic if it involves a passenger train due to the number of individuals affected. However, it is more common for a train accident to involve a collision with a pedestrian or passenger vehicle. The impact of a train is severe due to the size, weight, and speed it travels. Many train accidents occur at railroad crossings that lack the appropriate warning signals and devices, potentially placing the liability on the railroad company.

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