Mouse Found in Can of Green Beans

As youth ministers were preparing a potluck meal for an Easter dinner at their church they were shocked to discover a portion of a mouse in a can of green beans. The individuals in Midwest City, Oklahoma had purchased several cans of Best Choice brand fancy cut green beans from their local Crest Foods grocery store. The cans were opened and poured into a crock pot when the mouse was discovered. Only the head and one leg of the mouse were in the can. The ministers attempted to contact Best Choice without success over the weekend and Crest Foods indicated that they removed the remaining cans from the store shelves. Company officials are investigating the incident, and the FDA will likely be involved.

Food that is contaminated is an incident that occurs too often in the United States. Consumers that suffer illnesses due to food poisoning or contamination could be entitled to compensation if negligence led to the incident. All manufacturers of products, including food items, are required to ensure the safety of their product to prevent an illness or injury from occurring. In the event that a company fails to produce a safe item, they may be responsible for the damages the customer has incurred.

If you have suffered an illness due to contaminated food, it is important to contact the product liability attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth. Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys fight to hold any manufacturer responsible for the damages they’ve caused by their negligence. We will work to recover the maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional damages. Contact our office to receive a free consultation today.

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