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Man Critical Injured in Mo Helicopter Crash


On Friday evening, a man was rushed to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries in a helicopter crash. The accident happened at approximately 5:30 p.m. near Cape Fair, Missouri. The 69-year-old male pilot was operating the helicopter en route to an unknown location. Police stated that the man is an experienced pilot and he is currently listed in critical condition in a Springfield hospital. The accident is being investigated by local authorities and the Federal Aviation Administration could conduct their own investigation as well.

Aviation accidents are far less common than auto accidents merely for the fact that there are fewer helicopters, planes, and jets in the sky compared to vehicles on the ground. While the number of aviation accidents are less than car crashes, the number of injuries and fatalities suffered in aviation accidents are tragic. Similar to traffic accidents, the party liable for the accident could vary depending on the cause of the crash. Negligence of the pilot, air traffic controllers, mechanical crews, and the airline could all be grounds to file a personal injury or wrongful death case. All accidents can result in physical, financially, and emotional damages and an experienced attorney will work to recover compensation for those damages.

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