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Kim Kardashian Sued for Car Accident


A lawsuit was filed on Tuesday against Kim Kardashian for a car accident that happened in March of 2014. The accident is being described as a fender bender that happened on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. At the scene of the accident, neither driver was issued a citation and did not appear to be injured. In fact, the two drivers exchanged a hug before departing the scene. However, the lawsuit claims that the plaintiff experienced pain and discomfort from multiple injuries he sustained. He is seeking an amount of compensation that has not been released for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damages.

Auto accidents occur hundreds of times a day across the country often resulting in injuries and death. The factors and circumstances related to each accident are unique and regardless of the severity, a car accident can be traumatic. Along with physical injuries, a victim of an auto accident may also experience financial damages from lost wages if time off work is required, as well as mental anguish. While obtaining financial compensation will not physically and emotionally heal your damages, it will alleviate the financial stress that is incurred after a traffic accident.

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