I-270 Auto Accident Causes Fatality

An auto accident involving a tractor-trailer resulted in the death of an individual on Monday. The accident happened on Interstate 270 when a tractor-trailer was traveling eastbound and abruptly changed lanes near Highway 367. A car in the lane next to the tractor-trailer swerved into another lane to avoid a collision with the truck and struck another passenger vehicle. The driver of the first car then lost control of the vehicle and was ejected from the vehicle while it overturned. An ambulance transported the driver to the hospital, and tragically, he died from his injuries. It is unknown if there were any other injuries in the crash and the Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Tractor-trailers are one of the largest vehicles to travel on roadways. These trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds creating an impact that is catastrophic. All auto accidents have several common causes, and driving negligent is often the cause of trucking accidents. Drivers that obtain a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, drive for thousands of hours a year. While the law states that a truck driver is only allowed to operate his vehicle for a 14 hour period, many truck drivers and trucking companies disobey these laws in an attempt to increase financial gain. The result is often that of fatigued driving which can be deadly.

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