In regards to healthcare, a “never event” is classified as serious acts of negligence committed by a doctor, nurse, hospital or another medical provider. While these events rarely occur, it is estimated that medical errors have lead to nearly 100,000 deaths a year in the United States. The phrase “never event” is also used in correlation with the term “Sentinel Event”. The definition of a “Sentinel Event” is “any unanticipated event in a healthcare setting resulting in death or serious physical or psychological injury to a patient or patients, not related to the natural course of the patient's illness,” according to The Joint Commission.

Below is a list of “never events” or Sentinel Reporting Events, SRE, that should never be conducted by a medical provider at a hospital, physician’s office, or other medical facility.

List of SRE’s or “never events’

  • Surgery performed on the wrong site or wrong patient
  • Retention of a foreign object during surgery
  • Performing an incorrect or unnecessary surgical procedure
  • Postoperative Death
  • Serious injuries or death due to contamination
  • Incorrect use of a medical device
  • Discharge of patients incapable of making decisions based on age or mental capacity
  • Injury or death associated with elopement
  • Incorrect drug administration or dosage
  • Unsafe blood administration
  • Maternal injuries or death associated with birthing errors
  • Injury or death due to a fall
  • Bed sores or ulcers during care
  • Errors related to artificial insemination
  • Failure to accurately follow-up regarding medical testing
  • Any electrical shocks, burns or other injuries during patient care
  • Injury or death while restraining a patient
  • Impersonation of medical staff
  • Battery, assault, or sexual abuse

All individuals that seek an evaluation or treatment from a medical provider should receive the appropriate care necessary for their ailment. Unfortunately, thousands of patients experience inadequate care due to medical malpractice. Patients are vulnerable to the negligence of medical providers and that negligence is classified as medical malpractice.

If you or a loved one have experienced an SRE, it is imperative to consult the medical malpractice attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth. We will fight for your rights by recovering the maximum compensation available. Contact our office as soon as possible after suffering and injury or a loved one’s death due to medical malpractice to receive a free consultation.

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