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Electrician Dies in Work-Related Accident


A young electrician died last Thursday while working on a skyscraper, the soon to be Wilshire Grand Center in Los Angeles. It was only his second day on the project and tragically, his last day on earth. Turner Construction officials say that the electrician did not have clearance to work on the 53rd floor, explaining why he was not wearing a harness. The electrician had also removed his hard hat. The young man fell 800 feet and hit a passing car. Witnesses say the driver of the vehicle received medical treatment. The scene was witness by many people eating lunch in the area around noontime on Monday. Turner Construction will not say why the electrician was up so high or what may have caused him to fall. His name will not be released until his family is notified. The company has made a statement saying every worker on the job has received safety training and even specialized training for certain locations. The accident remains under investigation.

The construction industry has shown the highest amount of fatalities occurring on job sites, compared to other occupations. However, every worker has a chance of suffering a work-related injury of fatality. If you have sustained injuries or lost a family member in a work-related accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your damages.

Have you or a loved one has been involved in a construction accident? If so, call an attorney at Meyerkord & Kurth as possible after the accident, to discuss your legal options and learn how much you could stand to receive in an insurance settlement or jury verdict. With Meyerkord & Kurth, you may be able to recover sufficient compensation to cover all your losses and make it possible for you to move forward in your life. Contact Meyerkord & Kurth today to receive a free consultation.

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