Chevron Named in Slip and Fall Lawsuit

The oil company, Chevron, has been named in a lawsuit by a man claiming he was injured during a slip and fall. The complaint accuses Chevron of negligence by an offshore rigger that claims he slipped and fell on a drilling platform. The accident happened on Aug. 21, 2015, in the Gulf of Mexico. Chevron is accused of failing to maintain reasonably safe conditions and failing to supervise the details of the equipment, devices and instructions. The plaintiff claims he suffered serious injuries during the accident and is seeking compensation for physical and emotional damages, loss of income, medical expenses, disfigurement, future damages, and pain and suffering. The case was filed at the end of January in Texas.

Slip and fall accidents can result in severe injuries and should be taken very seriously. If you have suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of a property owner, you may be entitled to compensation by filing a premises liability case. All property owners and managers are required to maintain their facilities to prevent an accident from occurring. Many slip and fall accidents are caused by an obstacle, hazardous condition, lack of proper warning, or lack of adequate lighting.

If you have sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident, the St. Louis premises liability attorneys with Meyerkord & Kurth will work diligently to establish liability. Our attorneys will fight to prove that negligence committed by a property owner or manager led to your accident. Receiving a consultation is free and we only collect a fee if you receive a settlement or verdict. To speak with one of St. Louis’ most experienced personal injury attorneys, contact us today.

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