Woman Killed by Hitch in Auto Accident

An elderly woman has died from injuries after a tragic auto accident in Lubbock, Texas, last Wednesday. The 81-year-old female passenger of a Green Subaru was struck by a tow hitch that flew through the windshield. The Subaru was traveling westbound on South Loop 289 around 5 p.m. when a tow hitch came loose from a vehicle ahead and flew through the windshield, striking the female passenger. The California couple in the Subaru was driving through Lubbock as they were traveling to Clovis, NM. The 81-year-old male driver was not injured. The Lubbock Police Department Accident Investigation Team is still looking for the other vehicle involved in the accident. With the help of witnesses who have come forward, police are looking for a green F-250 or F-350 4-door pickup, with headache rack, and was in the Lubbock area during the time of the accident. Anyone with information about the auto accident should contact the Lubbock Police Department Accident Investigation Team.

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