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Woman Files Medical Malpractice Case After Dr. Removes Rib


A woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after a doctor removed the wrong rib during surgery. The 60-year-old Connecticut woman filed the medical malpractice lawsuit against two physicians as well as Yale-New Haven Hospital and Yale University. The woman claims she was forced to go through two surgeries in one day after her surgeon-in-training removed the wrong rib and then lied about it. Instead of telling the woman she needed to go through surgery because there was a mistake, the surgeon-in-training tried to misleading the patient as to why the surgical team needed to operate once again.

According to the lawsuit, on May 18, the Milford woman was admitted to Yale-New Haven Hospital to have a potentially cancerous lesion on her eighth rib removed. The woman was unaware that a resident was added to the surgery for training purposes, nor did the hospital obtain her consent. To correctly mark the rib that was to be operated on, radiologists marked the eighth rib by placing metallic coils onto it prior to the surgery. When the woman awoke from surgery, she was in excruciating pain so an X-ray was ordered by hospital staff. The x-ray showed the metal markers were still in the eighth rib and the first surgery had removed the seventh rib. The lawsuit also claims that the resident tried to cover up the mistake by lying to the woman and told her a second surgery was needed because not enough rib was removed. The woman went into an immediate second surgery to have the correct rib removed. The lawsuit claims the hospital and surgical team display clear negligent actions and acted wrong and deceitfully by lying. The Yale-New Haven Hospital responded to the lawsuit by stating they recognized that an error was made.

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