Will Motorcycle Accidents Increase As Thousands Flock to Americade?

Many residents in Bethlehem, New York are concerned about an increase in fatal motorcycle accidents as thousands of bikers will head to Americade over the weekend. Many are asking motorists to slow down and to be cautious of motorcyclists. The area has seen several fatal motorcycle accidents is the past months. Just this year, six motorcyclists have died on the roadways in the Capital Region. Many accidents are caused by drivers not yielding to the right of way of motorcyclists. Tens of thousands of bikers are headed to Americade over the weekend and many residents are calling for drivers to be aware. Americade in Lake George is the world’s largest multi-brand motorcycle rally and will attract some 28,000 bikes and 40,000 people. Many local bikers are frustrated and concerned at the number of bikers being killed because other motorists are not paying attention and in a hurry.

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