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Trooper Saves Motorists During Wrong-Way Crash


A trooper from the Department of Public Safety is recovering after his heroic efforts during an auto crash last Thursday afternoon. The trooper deliberately crashed his car on State Route 87 to prevent a wrong-way vehicle from injuring others. The crash took place near Bush Highway when the trooper intentionally collided his patrol vehicle with a pickup truck that was driving south on a northbound lane on S.R. 87. The State Trooper had to stop the woman behind the wheel of full-size Dodge truck from fleeing the scene by a second hit with his vehicle. The woman was taken to the hospital and will face numerous charges. The state trooper is a 10-year DPS veteran and prevented innocent motorists from being injured or killed by the wrong-way driver. This is not the first time the trooper has put his life in danger to stop a wrong-way driver. A similar incident occurred last August when the trooper stopped a wrong-way driver and has faced six wrong-way drivers in his career. The accident is still under investigation by the DPS.

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