The $72 Million Johnson & Johnson Verdict

The woman who was awarded $72 million in damages after her development of ovarian cancer caused by her use of Johnson and Johnson talc products, died before she saw victory in the courtroom. The Alabama woman was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in 2013. To treat her cancer, the woman underwent chemotherapy and an intense surgery that removed her reproductive system as well as part of her spleen and colon. The woman claims she sprinkled Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder in her underwear every day since she was a teenager, just as the manufacture suggested to do. The woman tragically died from ovarian cancer in October of 2015. A St. Louis jury found Johnson and Johnson guilty of negligence, conspiracy, and failure to warn women of a potential increase risk of using talc powder in the genital area. It was a 10-2 vote that ordered Johnson and Johnson to $72 millions to the woman’s estate, just four months after the woman's death.

The family of the plaintiff was shocked as they learned throughout the trial that Johnson and Johnson was aware as early as the 1990s that use of their baby powder products increased the risks of ovarian cancer. The family also discovered that the company purposefully increased its marketing efforts to black and Hispanic women. Internal documents of the company proved to be the most incriminating evidence, revealing the company knew about the deadly risk and continued to market the product for feminine hygiene use.

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