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Doctor Leaves Instrument in Patient Causing Medical Malpractice


A New Jersey woman recently filed a lawsuit against a surgeon for medical malpractice after he allegedly left a medical tool in her body during surgery. The patient of Capital Health practice underwent a spinal fusion surgery in June of 2014. She claims the doctor lost a pedicle screw in her body during the surgery. The surgeon was unable to retrieve the screw until two days later. The woman claims she suffered an injury to her femoral nerve as a result. The lawsuit also claims that the woman suffered pain and weakness and was unable to lift her right leg or bend her knee. The doctor had to perform another surgery, making a larger incision to get the screw out. Following the second surgery, the woman also claims she suffered abdominal hernias which required additional surgical repair and she now has an increased risk for the future development of hernias and further complications. In addition, the woman claims the doctor failed to use appropriate tools as well as surgical techniques to place and remove a pedicle screw. The suit was filed in the Superior Court of Mercer County last month against the doctor and the Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Lawrence, New Jersey.

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