Distracted Driver Injures Two Men in Work Zone Crash

Two New Jersey employees of Newton Water and Sewer were injured Tuesday in an auto accident while conducting a water main repair alongside a roadway. According to police, the two men were working alongside their parked 2010 Chevrolet pick-up truck on the northbound lanes of Woodside Avenue. A distracted driver of a 2003 Ford E250 utility van crashed into the pick-up truck and injured both men, a 21-year-old and a 53-year-old. The 30-year-old driver claims his cell phone fell to the floor and when he tried to retrieve it, he veered off the road and struck the workers. The two men were working next to their city-owned vehicle that was towing a compressor. One of the men suffered life-threatening injuries and was airlifted to Morristown Medical Center where he is now in stable condition. The distracted driver of the utility van was charged with careless driving and failure to provide a driver's license.

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