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Did You Know Californians Can Sue Over Organic Labels?


The California Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that consumers can sue over misrepresentations on product labeling. This December ruling is particularly aimed at products that are deceitfully labeled as organic. Products can not be labeled organic if they are not 100 percent organic. A class action against a herb grower prompted the California Supreme Court ruling. Herby Thyme Farms allegedly mislabeled their herbs as organic, yet in actuality, the package contained a mix of organic and conventional. The organic label misled customers to believe they were purchasing 100 percent organic, not mostly organic. Herby Thyme Farms charged more for their product, using the organic label to boost sales and fool consumers. The company was sued for false advertising and unfair competition, under California law. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, implementing one of the first rulings that supports private citizens to sue a company for violating the federal law. Prior to this ruling, citizens were only allowed to file complaints with the USDA. This groundbreaking ruling will have a further impact on other states as well as raising the bar for truthful labeling of products.

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