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Dash Cam Shows Common Auto Accident


Have you ever been annoyed at a vehicle traveling too closely behind you and decided to slam on your brakes to get their attention? A dash cam records an auto accident caused by a vehicle following too closely behind another. The dash cam recorded an SUV wrecking after following too closely to the Ford on a Wisconsin Highway. The driver of the Ford taps on his brake for the trailing SUV, causing the SUV to brake suddenly and lose control of the vehicle. The SUV then crashed into the median and nearly ended in oncoming traffic. The video is a reminder to all motorist that following too closely to another vehicle can lead to a dangerous accident. The recommended amount of space you should keep between yourself and the vehicle in front of you is one car length for every ten mph you are traveling. However, police know that is not always possible so all motorist should pay attention to the car’s brake lights ahead of you. The popular video has many debating if the driver of the Ford should be held partially responsible for suddenly tapping the brakes.

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