Concert Venue Loses Alcohol License After Drunk Driving Accident

A Springdale concert venue has had its’ alcohol license revoked by the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division due to a fatal drunk driving auto accident. The alcohol license has been revoked from the concert venue after being held partly responsible for the drunk driving deaths of two men. This past March, a 19-year-old man left the Springdale Civic Center intoxicated and drove 90 mph into a tree, killing his two passengers. The venue was already on probation for a 2015 incident. According to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division Director, the venue appears to be incapable of safely serving alcohol to the 2,500 people it can hold. In April, the FBI and state agents visited the venue and over a dozen other violations were cited. The Springdale Civic Center will have 15 days to appeal the revoking.

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