Worst Hot Air Balloon Crash In American History

At least sixteen people died in Central Texas during the worst hot air balloon crash in American history. According to the National Transportation Board, a hot air balloon crashed on Saturday and investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the crash and exactly how many people were onboard.

The hot air balloon crash occurred in a pasture near the town of Lockhart early Saturday morning on July 29. A team of investigators are trying to uncover why the hot air balloon crashed in a pasture below power lines. Officials do not have a passenger manifest and do not know exactly how many were on board, but they do know there were no survivors. Officials believe it's too early to come to any conclusions, but a probable scenario is the balloon came into contact with power lines. A resident in the area claims she heard popping and looked in the sky and saw a big fireball. Investigators will collect all possible data, including cell phone video, to determine the cause of the fatal accident and the identity of all the victims onboard. Officials have not released the name of the hot air balloon company or its pilot.

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