Worker Rescued After Trench Collapse In North St. Louis

A contractor working for the Metropolitan Sewer District was finally rescued after a dangerous work zone accident today. The construction worker became trapped in a hole at the 4100 block of Finney in North St. Louis on Friday morning. The MSD contractor was working with a crew to fill in a trench with dirt when it collapsed causing the man to be trapped at 8:45 a.m. It took St. Louis Firefighters an hour and a half to rescue the man trapped over 20 feet underground. He was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries but is in stable condition. The crew was contracted by MSD to install sewers. According to the authorities, the ground shifted which caused the trench to collapse. The worker was buried waist-deep. Nearly 24 firefighters gathered to rescue to man. According to the St. Louis City Streets Department, the crew did not have a permit to work in the area. The project is currently being shut down. The accident is under investigation.

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