Woman Killed During High-Speed Police Chase

A Murfreesboro woman was killed in an auto accident during a high-speed chase, and her family has filed a $10 million lawsuit. The woman died during a high-speed chase on June 24th conducted by the Coffee County and Rutherford County Sheriff’s departments in Tennessee. The lawsuit claims the deadly police chase was negligent and placed the public in danger by continuing the high-speed pursuit and ultimately led to the death of a young mother.

The lawsuit also includes a claim against Manchester Funeral Home and its owner, accusing the man of playing a major role in the high-speed chase. According to the lawsuit, the funeral home owner allegedly initiated the high-speed chase with illegal installing blue and red lights on his SUV that was stolen when it was left running with the keys inside. The owner is the chairman of the Public Safety Committee for the county but was not a law enforcement officer. The owner admitted to interfering with police communications during the high-speed chase but claims he is not to blame. While the incident may cause the man to lose his chairmanship of the city’s public safety committee, the District Attorney has an officer’s dash cams that as video evidence that the alderman remained well behind the officers conducting the pursuit.

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