Unlicensed Uber Drivers Are Ticketed

Unlicensed drivers of the popular ride-sharing, Uber, have been ticketed by the St. Louis Taxi Commission for violating state law. For a long time, the St. Louis commission has required all taxi services and ride-sharing companies to acquire a license to operate in the city and county. However, Uber drivers have not been compliant. The commission was forced to start giving out violations to Uber drivers in May. The St. Louis commission has lookouts, at least two to three agents, to watch for violating ride-sharing drivers. To date, over 20 violations have been given out. The municipal court handles the citation, and the amount of the fine varies. The Uber company released a statement in May, stating that they are disappointed in the St. Louis Taxi Commission efforts to take away work from residents to benefit taxi interest. A Taxi Commission spokesperson stated that ticketing had not affected the Uber company. The St. Louis commission also said that the citations are not impacting Uber passengers.

As ride-sharing grows in popularity, so have the number of accidents. Ride-sharing drivers are not bad drivers; they are every day driver that can sometimes get into traffic accidents. If you have been injured in a ride-sharing vehicle and have sustained injuries, please call an attorney at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC. These type of accidents are a relatively new legal situation and require an experienced and competent lawyer. If you were an innocent passenger and have sustained damages in a ride-sharing accident, contact the law firm of Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, today.

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