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Two Men Injured During Fireworks Show


Two people were injured during a firework show in Bridgeview on Sunday afternoon. According to the Bridgeview Police Department, a fireworks display prematurely detonated in the southwest suburban of Chicago. The injury took place in the 8100 block of Beloit Ave at a Park District facility at approximately 12:30 p.m. According to the Bridgeview Fire Department, a fireworks company was setting up for the Sunday evening display when suddenly several of the fireworks prematurely detonated and injured two workers. The men were taken to area hospitals for medical treatment. One of the workers was severely hurt and suffered second and third-degree burns. Witnesses claim there was a big explosion that shook homes nearby. Police say the explosion triggered both a nearby brush fire and a vehicle fire. The Cook County Bomb Squad was also called to the scene of the explosion and worked throughout the night to secure the area. According to the Bridgeview Park District, the fireworks display was canceled and will be rescheduled.

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