Teens Undergo Distracted Driving Lessons

A 20-hour Driver’s Education Course in Nebraska teaches teens the dangers of distracted driving. Students learn that reading an average text message for three to five seconds also is enough time to drive the length of a football field. The driving instructor spends a considerable amount of time ingraining the dangers of distracted driving into the minds of his teenage students. As a 39-year-veteran of teaching driving courses, he says this year is more focused on distracted driving. The instructor is dedicated to teaching students why not to drive distracted and is one of the first topics discussed during the week-long course. The Three Rivers Public Health Department Health Coordinator also lectures the teen students on the dangers of distracted driving, pointing out it has become the biggest problem on the road and is the cause of most traffic accidents. Students learn that the top four distractions are cognitive distractions, visual, audible, and physical.

The course combats the habit of cell phone use, hoping teens will make better choices than some of their parents. Safe Kids Worldwide conducted a study in 2014 and found that 28 percent of the teens surveyed said they have ridden in a vehicle with an adult who was texting. Teens are urged to interject into situations where they are a passenger of a distracted driver and should ask them to stop immediately.

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