Several Motorist Jump Into River To Save Man After Truck Plummets Off Bridge

A Georgia driver was killed in a fatal truck accident when his dump truck drove off a bridge into the Yellow River. Several men risked their lives in an attempt to save the driver after the vehicle plunged into the river. Two dump trucks were involved in the accident on the bridge of I-20 Access Road, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office. One of the trucks struck the rear-end of the other, causing both to lose control on the bridge over the Yellow River. One of the trucks crashed through the concrete barriers and drove off the side of the bridge.

The driver was killed during the accident. The other driver of the truck crashed into the opposite side of the bridge, but only suffered non-life threatening injuries. The two drivers were the only people involved in the crash, and there were no other passengers in the vehicles. Several other motorists saw the accident and jumped into the river to save the truck driver. Witnesses claim fuel was leaking from the truck and polluting the water as the men desperately tried to save the driver. The men risked their lives jumping into the waters, swallowing the diesel fuel. Someone was able to rescue the driver from the waters, but it was too late. The witness claims the driver died in his arms. The Newton County Sheriff's Office traffic unit responded to the fatal crash and investigated the accident. The deceased driver was identified, but his identity has not been released until family members are notified.

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