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Salmonella Outbreak in Washington Prompts Investigation


A serious Salmonella outbreak has alerted the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, also known as FSIS. FSIS is issuing a public health alert, warning against the consumption of whole hog roasters prepared for barbeque. The FSIS, along with the Washington State Department of Health, is leading the Salmonella investigation in Washington. The outbreak was confirmed on July 19 and has also sparked involvement of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Salmonella outbreak has been associated with the consumption of the roaster hogs for barbeque. The product was manufactured by Kapowsin Meats in Washington ranging from July 5 to July 7, 2016. It is not known if this foodborne illness outbreak is a drug resistance strain. This investigation is ongoing, and FSIS continues to work with not only the public health partners at the WSDH but local health agencies and the CDC. While the investigation continues, FSIS recommends strict guidelines for handling a whole hog for roasting. Detailed instructions for cleaning, separating, cooking, and chilling are listed on the FSIS website. One of the most common bacterial foodborne illnesses is Salmonellosis, caused by Salmonella. For more information on the outbreak or to make a report, visit

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