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Residents Fight For Safer Streets


Residents of a North Carolina town are speaking out about the recent pedestrian accidents in the neighborhood. The East Durham residents believe the lack of sidewalks and bike lanes are the cause of many pedestrians accidents. Just earlier this month a hit-and-run on Junction Road occurred. The residents are frustrated that walking, riding bikes or playing outside is dangerous due to the busy streets. There are several residents whose only means of transportation is walking, and many believe that the city of Durham does not provide safe access for pedestrians. The city of Durham has responded to the residents saying they are working on the issue but claims it will take time. Major factors in the installation of sidewalks are citizen forums, funding, approvals, and acquiring the property. The city says they will not be able to improve all 235 roads of Durham. That is why they are focusing on the major intersections in the city. Recommendations will be made next year as to when to move forward and were to install the sidewalk. In the meantime, residents will have to stay off the streets or walk to destinations with extreme caution.

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