Pokémon Go Distracts Driver

The popular game, Pokémon Go, has been in major headlines and involved in a variety of incidents. Some incidents have found those who play the game dangerously distracted or ending up in locations that are unsafe. Recently a Pokémon Go player crashed into a Baltimore police patrol car at 3:30 a.m. on an early Monday morning. The distracted motorist said he was playing Pokémon Go when he ran into a Baltimore police car. No injuries were sustained by the motorist or the officer. However, damage was reported on both vehicles. An officer had parked the car on Eastern Avenue to answer a call. The Pokémon Go player was driving a Toyota RAV 4 when it struck the patrol car. The motorist confessed that he was looked down while playing Pokémon Go.

Traffic accidents have increased almost 10 percent since 2014, according to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. More distraction on the roadways is concerning for many motorists. Missouri is one of the few states that still allows mobile phone use while driving. Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC, is a St. Louis-based personal injury law firm. Our auto accident attorneys have helped hundreds of victims recover compensation after an unfortunate traffic accident. If you have been in an accident on a Missouri roadway and need trusted legal support, contact our downtown St. Louis location 24 hours a day, seven days a week to schedule a case review. Our initial case reviews are always free with no obligation.

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