New Laws On Animal Vaccines

The rules about rabies vaccinations may be changing in Nashville, Tennessee. A recent bill has been proposed in Nashville, only requiring pet owners to renew rabies shots every three years instead of annually. The newly written bill states that a yearly rabies shot is an unnecessary cost and an inconvenience for pet owners. Under a new change in the ordinance, pet owners will now get their pets' rabies shot every third year. A local veterinarian supposes that will work for most dogs that live indoors. However, for dogs that are outdoors more or have access to woods, owners should consider their risk of wildlife encounters and should update rabies shots annually. The bill was proposed after a concerned citizen brought the issue to the Metro Public Health Department. He found that the state only requires a rabies shot once every three years and leaves the decision for a more often frequency up to the counties. A council member agreed that the cost of a rabies shot was unnecessary every year. The bill still needs a third and final reading, and it is expected to pass by the end of July. If the bill does pass, it will go into effect next year.

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