New Jersey Woman Rescued From Fiery Crash

A New Jersey woman was rescued from her fiery car just after a serious auto accident in Rhode Island on Friday night. According to a report of the accident, a Flemington man is being called a hero for saving the woman from her burning car. According to the report, a man along with his girlfriend was driving to Newport when they saw a car in the woods just off the side of Route 1 in South Kingstown. The man stopped to help and rescued the injured woman from her wrecked vehicle just as it went up in flames. The woman was badly injured and disoriented. The man claims he was worried about further injuring the driver by pulling her out of the car, but then he noticed the flames. He had to pull the woman out of the wrecked PT Cruiser through the rear passenger side door. South Kingstown Police say the young man and his girlfriend saved the woman's life and plan to properly recognize them for their heroism. The current condition of the woman is known as well as details of the accident.

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