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Missouri State Lacks Trusted Daycare Facility Reports


A Missouri mother is upset after a disturbing daycare incident involving her son. The parent enrolled her child in a local daycare in Union after researching the daycare’s state violations. The state's website only showed minor violations, leaving the mother to believe the daycare was safe. After her child had attended the daycare for several weeks, he began to show disturbing signs of abuse. The mother said she became extremely concerned by his behavior and started doing more research into the daycare. The mother uncovered a 2008 news investigation, revealing extremely upsetting allegations against the daycare her son attended. The investigation also revealed a number of other complaints about the facility, dating back over twenty years. The mother believes the state is failing to inform parents of past problems at daycares and cannot be trusted. The state's website acknowledges that it doesn't include a facility's full records; listing only inspection reports that go back to 2013 and substantiated complaints that only go back to 2015.

Advocates agree with this mother that there should be a better way to find truthful information about daycare facilities. Finding information about early child care and education in Missouri should not be challenging. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed a bill to implement a quality rating system, but it will not be in place for at least three years.

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