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Man Survives 400 Foot Drop Off Embankment


A California man miraculously survived a horrible car crash when his car drove off an embankment and plunged 400 feet to the ground. The accident occurred near Santa Barbara on Saturday, just after midnight. According to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, the man drove off the embankment but was able to call 911. However, his cell battery went dead, and he was unable to tell rescuers his whereabouts. His vehicle’s headlights were also not working, but the injured man was able to honk the horn. The rescue units triangulated the honking of his horn and located the vehicle several hundred feet below the embankment. Rescuers and firefighters were able to reach the man by used a rope system. The man was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for severe injuries. He is expected to recover. It is still unclear what caused the man to veer off the road. The accident is still under investigation.

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