Illinois Company Plead Guilty In Fatal Work Accident

An Illinois-based recycling center has been fined by OSHA and ordered to pay $350,000 after a worker was killed on the job. Behr Iron and Steel Inc. is ordered to pay restitution of $350,000 to the victim’s estate as well as serve a five-year probation. The fatal accident occurred back in March 2014 when a 39-year-old worker got stuck in a moving, unguarded conveyor belt while cleaning a piece of machinery and died from his injuries. Behr Iron and Steel Inc. pleaded guilty to safety violations earlier this year, admitting they did not provide any type of emergency shut-off in case of emergency even though OSHA required them to do so. This is not the first time the company has been fined. Earlier this year, Behr Iron and Steel Inc. was ordered to pay a fine of $520,000 after OSHA found 14 violations at the company’s Rockford and Peoria locations.

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