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Game Ended in Pedestrian Accident


An Iowa teenager is dead after a cell phone game turned deadly. The teenager and his friends were playing a game called Hostage when the boy was struck by a minivan. The principal of City High in Iowa City, sent an email Wednesday morning confirming the junior had died in an accident. According to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, three male teenagers were on the road using their cell phones to play a game and two of the teens were hit by a minivan on Monday. The game was called "Hostage" and about 10:40 p.m. the teens were standing in the middle of the road. A minivan was approaching them and the teenagers claim they thought it was a friend coming to give them a ride. Deputies said two teenagers could not get out of the way when they realized too late the minivan wasn't slowing. One of the teens was struck head on, and emergency responders took him to a nearby hospital where he later died from his injuries. The second teen was driven to the hospital with unknown injuries by a private party. The third teen was not injured.

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