Drive With Caution This Holiday Weekend

Independence Day is just around the corner, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol urges motorists to be careful this holiday weekend to avoid auto crashes. Traffic accidents tend to increase on holiday weekends as more motorists are on the roads, and more people are drinking alcohol. Last Fourth of July holiday weekend, ten people were killed in auto crashes on Missouri roadways. The Missouri State Highway Patrol also reports 305 crashes and 140 injuries as well as 127 arrests for driving while intoxicated. There was an increase in traffic accidents in 2015 compared to 2014. Fortunately, there were no boating accidents or drowning reported last holiday weekend, however, police did arrest 17 people for boating while intoxicated. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reminds motorists to please wear safety belts and do not drink and drive. The patrol also wants drivers to be aware that roads will be wet over this rainy holiday weekend.

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