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Distracted Deputy Is Not Prosecuted For Causing Fatal Accident


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ordered an undisclosed disciplinary action on the deputy who hit and killed a bicyclist with his patrol car in Calabasas on Dec. 8, 2013. The deputy was found guilty of distracted driving - typing on his in-car computer when he struck the bicyclist on Mulholland Highway. The bicyclist who was hit and killed was a prominent entertainment attorney. Authorities confirmed the victim was in the bicycle lane when he was struck and killed. The deputy was using his mobile digital computer to respond to another deputy’s message when he collided with the man. The sheriff’s deputy was transferred from patrol to the court's’ division after the fatal accident. A department spokesperson said the administrative action was taken in response to the accident. The victim's loved ones filed a wrongful death suit against the deputy. The department will be forced to address procedures for officers’ use of mobile digital computers while the patrol cars are in use. Charges were not brought against the deputy by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, according to the state law that does not prohibit officers using electronic devices while driving.

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