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Did You Know Supplements Are Not Regulated By The FDA?


For years, dietary supplements have been a source of controversy and have been linked to numerous product liability claim. According to an investigation by Consumer Reports, seven out of ten Americans take dietary supplements. It’s no wonder dietary supplements are a $40 billion a year industry. The Consumer Reports' investigation reveals many are unsafe. Consumer Reports list fifteen ingredients commonly found in dietary supplements that have been linked to serious health problems. Supplement makers don't have to prove that their products are safe by the FDA. They also don't have to prove that their product works as advertised. And surprisingly, they don't even have to prove that the packages contain what the labels says, according to the health editor for Consumer Reports.

Yohimbe is a common ingredient found in weight loss supplements and is advertised to improve sex life and treat depression. What is not on the label is Yohimbe can cause panic attacks and seizures, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, cause liver and kidney problems and even death. Consumer Reporters accuses the government’s weak oversight that allows the lack of regulation of these products. Without FDA regulations or approval, dietary supplements can be contaminated, ineffective, contain illegal drugs and cause harmful side effects. To refute these claims, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, states they represent supplement makers, regulating the vast majority to be safe for consumers.

Consumer Reports reminds consumers, the most important aspect when looking for a supplement is to talk to your doctor. Prescription drugs mixed with supplements can be extremely dangerous and possibly deadly. To find out more about the fifteen ingredients Consumer Reports has labeled dangerous, visit

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