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Chicago Woman Killed in Divvy Bikesharing Accident


A Chicago woman was killed in a bicycle accident while riding a Divvy bike this past Friday. The fatal crash occurred in the Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood around 9 a.m. The 25-year-old cyclist was crushed by a truck turning from Sacramento Avenue onto Belmont Avenue. The cyclist using a Divvy bike was attempting to go straight when the truck ran over her. The victim was identified as a resident of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Her death marks the first bikesharing fatality in the U.S. The North American Bikeshare Association said in a statement, the death was the first fatal incident in the eight years the bikeshare has operated in the United States. According to the Chicago Department of Transportation, the young woman’s death is the first fatality in close to 8 million rides taken on the Divvy system. The bikesharing system came to Chicago just two years ago to the day. Divvy and the City of Chicago expressed their deepest sympathies to the cyclist’s family and loved ones in a statement made Friday. The North American Bikeshare Association claims 105 municipalities across the nation now have bikesharing and more than 70 million trips have been taken since it began in 2008. An investigation is ongoing by Chicago Police. No charges have been filed.

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