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Bus Driver's Termination Appeal Was Denied After Pedestrian Accident


The former NJ Transit bus driver who was involved in a pedestrian accident lost her appeal this past Friday. The appeal was to challenge the bus driver’s termination. The former bus driver seriously injured a pedestrian in 2012 in Paterson. The driver of the bus ran over a woman at a crosswalk on Market Street and dragged her into the middle of the intersection. The driver then reversed the bus, resting the right wheel on the pedestrian's legs. As a result of the accident, the pedestrian lost her right leg below the knee. Two cameras placed on the bus allegedly suggested the bus driver was inattentive and failed to check for pedestrians before pulling into the intersection. An initial hearing in November of 2012 found the pedestrian accident as preventable, and the accident was caused by gross negligence. Furthermore, the two-judge appellate panel rejected her appeal and found proper cause for the termination.

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