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Two Injured in Traffic Crash


A vehicle accident occurred in Bradley County on Mouse Creek Road on Tuesday. The car accident involved two vehicles. Tragically, one of the people involved in the accident was airlifted to the Erlanger Medical Center for medical care. Additionally, another person involved in the vehicle accident was taken to the hospital for care. The accident is being further investigated for more information.

Varying from all degrees of severity, vehicle accidents occur about every two minutes. In order to prevent road crashes from happening, it is important that drivers take precautions and practice safe driving. For example, it is the responsibility of all drivers to follow traffic laws and regulations such as speed limits and stop signs. Additionally, it is important to drive attentively. Actions such as texting while driving dramatically increases a driver’s chances of getting into an accident. For example, the average driver who texts while drives looks away from the road for at least five seconds, which is completely unsafe. To ensure the safety of yourself and others, drive safely with your full attention focused on the road.

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