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Traffic Accident Causes Critical Injuries


A vehicle accident occurred in Kearns, Utah on Friday around 4:30 in the afternoon. The accident occurred at an intersection when a truck that was headed westward and a silver Neon traveling towards the north collided. After the collision, the truck slid and hit another vehicle that was stopped. Tragically, the operator of the Neon was taken to a hospital for medical care and is in critical condition. However, all of the other people involved in the accident are not injured. It is believed that the driver of the Neon may not have been wearing a seatbelt, which possibly could have prevented certain injuries. In addition, it is a possibility that a driver involved in the accident was speeding or ran a red light- both of which are common causes of vehicle accidents. The incident is still being looked into for further details.

While many factors can contribute to a vehicle accident, some of the top causes of road crashes are: speeding, failure to obey traffic lights/signs, and unsafe lane changes. Speeding contributes to about 33% of fatal accidents. In addition, failure to obey traffic lights and signs contributes to many vehicle accidents, as not stopping at a traffic light greatly increases your chances of colliding with another vehicle. Unsafe lane change accidents are mainly caused by the failure of a driver to either use their blinker or fully examine their surrounds before deciding to change lanes.

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