Three-Vehicle Accident Results in Two Deaths and Five Injured

A tragic four car accident occurred in Denver, Colorado recently. A Pontiac Vibe and two other vehicles were at a red light when a black SUV collided with the three vehicles. The driver of the SUV, Semere Dawit, was allegedly going a speed of seventy to eighty miles per hour. There were two passengers in the Pontiac Vibe at the time of the accident. Tragically, both of the passengers passed away as a result of the accident. Both of the passengers were musicians from the Denver area. In addition, five other people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital for medical care. The police think that Dawit was either driving drunk at the time of the accident or has a medical condition that may have been a factor involved in the accident’s occurrence.

Speeding is a cause of one-third of fatal vehicle accidents. The energy a vehicle carries is increased by four times when that vehicle’s speed is increased ten miles per hour. Therefore, the faster speed a vehicle travels, the longer it takes for that vehicle to come to a complete stop. To prevent vehicle accidents and ensure the safety of yourself and everyone around you, do not speed.

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