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Man Suffers Leg Injures in Train Accident


A train accident at a Utah refinery seriously injured a man on Friday. The accident occurred in Magna at around 9 a.m. at the Kennecott Copper Refinery. According to authorities, the man was a Kennecott contract worker whose legs became pinned beneath a train on the railroad tracks. Police were calling the incident a tragic accident where the man slipped and fell under the moving train. The authorities and Kennecott are investigating the accident and have released few details. The man, whose identity has not yet been released, was transported by ambulance to the hospital and his current condition is unknown.

The severity of train accidents rarely varies due to the size and speed of the train. Train accidents are often serious with tragic results. Most train accidents involve derailment or collisions with pedestrians or motor vehicles. Similar to other types of auto accidents, many factors can lead to a train accident and include distracted operators, negligence of the conductor, inadequate safety devices, and negligence of the railroad. Railroad crossings are where a large portion of train accidents occur. While train accidents have involved drivers and pedestrians attempting to beat the train, these accidents also happen due to a lack of warning lights or devices.

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