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Man Saves Woman and Child Then Killed in Elevator Accident


On New Year’s Eve, millions of people were celebrating the arrival of 2016 around the world. Tragically, one man’s life was cut too short when he was killed on NYE due to an elevator accident. The accident happened when 25-year-old Stephen Hewett-Brown entered an elevator in a Lower East Side building at around 12:15 a.m. Friday. The elevator became stuck and as individuals attempted to exit the elevator, it started moving. Hewett-Brown pushed a woman and child to safety and then was pinned causing his death. Residents of the building claim that is it common for the elevators to experience issues and city records indicate the building has three active violations for the elevators. Tennant Association President Daisy Paez stated that the management company has received many complaints regarding the elevators and is hopeful improvements will soon be made.

Accidents that occur at another party’s property could be grounds for a premises liability case. Owners and managers are required to maintain a safe and healthy environment to prevent any injuries, illnesses, or deaths from occurring on their premises. Slip and fall accident, dog bites, drownings, food poisonings, and elevator accidents are a few examples of premises liability accidents. Injured individuals can hold negligent property owners accountable by contacting an experienced premises liability attorney.

The personal injury lawyers at Meyerkord & Kurth have recovered over $350 million in compensation for their client’s damages. Our attorneys will investigate your accident in order to hold any negligent party responsible for the damages you’ve suffered. We will fight aggressively to recover the maximum compensation while supporting you throughout the process of the case. If you have been injured or lost a loved one on another party’s property, contact us today.

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