Man Killed in Single-Vehicle Crash

A tragic car accident occurred on Saturday in Cranberry, Pennsylvania on Interstate 79. The accident occurred when Daniel Weaver was driving on the highway and was changing lanes. While changing lanes, Weaver lost control of his car. As a result, his vehicle went off of the road and flipped over, until the flipping ceased and the car ended up roof-down on the highway. Tragically, the driver, Daniel Weaver, passed away as a result of the accident.

A driver may lose control of their vehicle for many reasons. Dangerous road conditions are a common factor of accidents caused by control loss. For example, “black ice” is a common cause of vehicle accidents, especially during the winter. “Black ice” is ice that is hard to spot on the road because it camouflages with the road due to its clear color, making it appear black. Therefore, during times of snow, sleet, or rain in freezing or below freezing temperatures, it is important that all drivers drive slowly and cautiously to prevent losing control of their vehicle on ice.

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