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Mailman Receives $300k Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident


A mailman has settled his slip and fall lawsuit for $300,000 in Staten Island, New York. Three years ago, 45-year-old Scott Fitzgerald was performing his duties of delivering the mail as an employee with the United States Postal Service when he suffered serious injuries in a slip and fall accident. According to the complaint, Fitzgerald was walking along a wooden path at the home of a resident on Darlington Avenue when he slipped on moss that had grown on the path. He sustained severe injuries to his leg and foot requiring two surgeries and the USPS encouraged Fitzgerald to take an early retirement through disability. The resident’s homeowner’s insurance settled the case for the policy limits.

All property owners are required by law to maintain their premises to prevent an accident from occurring. Premises liability laws have been established to ensure the safety of any individual that steps on another property. Slip and fall accidents, drownings, dog bites, and food poisoning are all examples of accidents that could be caused by premises liability violations. To prevent a slip and fall accident from happening, property owners should not allow their floors or walkways to become wet or slippery, secure any tripping hazards, and properly warn of any issues that could lead to an accident. If you have suffered an injury or illness on another parties property, you may have grounds to file a premises liability case.

The personal injury lawyers at Meyerkord & Kurth understands the frustration and stress you may experience after an accident. We want you to direct your attention and emotions on healing from your accident while we handle the logistics of recovering compensation. We have recovered over $350 million in compensation and will take the necessary steps to obtain financial justice for your case. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced, award-winning attorney.

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