Listeria Linked to Blue Bell Products

Recently, a Listeria outbreak has been linked to products sold by Blue Bell Creameries. Tragically, three deaths have occurred as a result of the outbreak. The three production facilities of Blue Bell have been shut down. In addition, its ice cream has been recalled. An investigation is being carried out in order to obtain more facts about the situation. Specifically, a goal of the investigation is to determine how long the executives of the company have known about the issues relating to their product. Allegedly, the company officials had been notified of issues involving contamination and sanitation problems as long as three years ago. Interestingly, the investigation is reportedly being carried out by the same group who instituted legal proceedings against the leaders of the Peanut Corporation of America, who knowingly sold products contaminated by Salmonella. Two people involved in that case were sentenced to prison time.

Listeria is a bacterial, foodborne disease that causes several symptoms. Some of these symptoms include: muscle aches, fever and nausea. However, if the illness spreads to a person’s nervous system, it could cause symptoms such as headaches and convulsions. Yearly, about one in six people become ill due to a foodborne illness.

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