I-70 Site of 15-Vehicle Auto Accident

A 15 vehicle road crash occurred on Tuesday night on I-70 westbound. The accident occurred when a semi-truck jack-knifed on the highway due to blizzard conditions, which caused a chain reaction of crashes to follow. These crashes included nine more semi-trucks and five cars. As a result of the accident, four people were taken to hospitals for medical care, none of whom suffered from severe, life-threatening injuries. It is possible that charges could be pressed against negligent drivers involved in the crash.

White-out conditions occur when winds blow fallen snow and cause for visibility to be limited. By causing the driver’s sight of the road to be impaired, such conditions increase the danger of driving. In addition, while driving during heavy snow or ice, it is imperative that vehicles be operated at slow speeds to prevent situations such as hydroplaning from occurring. Doing so prevents the driver’s chances of being involved in an accident. If it is possible, pull off of the road and cease driving until road visibility is no longer impaired.

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