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Fiery One-Vehicle Crash Kills Two


A tragic vehicle accident occurred on Brainerd Road when a driver was speeding. The vehicle went off of the road and collided with a sign. As a result, the vehicle caught on fire. Tragically, the driver and passenger passed away.

In 33% of all fatal vehicle accidents, speeding is a factor. Speeding is very dangerous and it increases the chances that an injury will result from a vehicle accident. In addition, speeding increases the amount of time needed for a vehicle to come to a complete stop. Furthermore, speeding is among the top three accident-causing actions that drivers do. To prevent being involved in a vehicle accident, follow all traffic laws and regulations. For example, always drive according to the speed limit. Additionally, drivers should drive defensively and with their full attention on the road. Defensive driving can be defined as a method of driving in which the operator of the vehicle pays close attention to the actions of the vehicles around them in order to avoid collisions.

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