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Woman in Critical Condition After Auto Accident


An accident occurred on Route 55 in Pittsgrove Township on Monday evening. It is believed that at the time of the accident, the road conditions were slick. Allegedly, the driver involved in the accident was driving her convertible on the highway without her seatbelt on when her vehicle left the road, hit a tree, spun several times, and then hit several more trees. Police say that speeding may have been a contributing factor to the accident. The driver was taken to the hospital for medical care and is currently in critical condition. The case is being further investigated for more details.

Speeding is a contributing factor in 33% of all fatal accidents. Every year, about 13,000 people pass away due to speeding-related vehicle accidents. Additionally, drivers who speed are more likely to carry out other risk behaviors while driving, such as driving under the influence. Tickets for speeding or doing other risk behaviors while driving can cost up to more than $1,000. To avoid being involved in an accident and to protect the safety of yourself and those around you, do not speed.

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